New Prayer Requests
  • Randy S - in Sioux Fall with COVID-19
  • Family of Kent D, Gary D's brother - loss of Kent
  • Family of Laroy F, Art C's cousin-in-law - loss of Laroy
  • Family of Muriel B, Margaret D's mother - loss of Muriel
  • Deanna R - diagnosed with liver cancer
  • Bev C - sciatic nerve pain
  • Our High School seniors (Bryce, Christina, Emilee, Paton, Sam) - disruption of senior plans
Continuing Prayer Requests
  • Eldean R - recovering from successful colon cancer surgery
  • Jean Q - no change with cancer, chemo on hold, in treatment for C-diff
  • Family of Edna N - loss of Edna
  • Family of Sheila I, Carson C's grandmother - loss of Sheila
Answered Prayer Requests
  • Troy H - back pain improved
  • Steve S - no more surgery or treatment needed for cancer, just quarterly checkups
Additional Prayer Request Lists