New Prayer Requests

Kathy J. (Julie’s sister-in-law) - cancer returned, will go back on chemo

Andrew, 5 yr old (Beth & Jeremy) -friends of Lynn will have open heart surgery Friday 11-16

Omaha Chin Christian Church exploring joining CPMC (people from Burma)

Katherine H. - Youth With A Mission, now going to the Philippines

Continuing Prayer Requests

Mary W. (sister of Gordon K.) - return of cancer

Braxton (son of Joanne T.) - 29 year old has inoperable brain cancer

Buzz H. - had heart procedure

Baby Christelle - (Gene D. niece’s daughter) born at 14 oz.

Marshall W. - declining health due to Lyme Disease

Sylvia (6 year old) - brain cancer

Bev C. - back pain issues

Esther B. - back pain

Brandy F. (daughter-in-law of Virginia F.) - recovering from atrial aneurysm of the brain

Emma B. and Arlowe (cousins wife of Lori K.) . - Emma undergoing cancer treatment

John N. - former MLC administrator, diagnosed with cancer

Mary and Sharon (Betty B. sisters) - health issues

Gene D.

Leland J. (father of Julie F.) - heart surgery, valve replacement

Willard F. - back pain issues

Edna B. - (mother of Cheryl H.) - has breast cancer

Leroy R. - North Butterfield Church Pastor, had second stroke

Bruno P. - physical strength

Marlene E. (daughter of Glenny S.) - has cancer

Jim B. - (wife Cheryl, son-in-law of Erv &Gin S.) - cancer

Jim L. - (former Mt. Lake resident), colon cancer and undergoing treatment

Julie F. - cancer with family members

Joel and Verna S.

Majean H. - in Springfield nursing home

Edna N. - in Good Samaritan

Marilyn F. - in Good Samaritan

Rosemary S.

Irma L. - in Good Samaritan

Jean P.

Eric S.

Lynn and Thomas S. ministry

Mary R. -work in Ukraine






Answered Prayer Requests

Adam N. - car and drum set stolen but was found by police

Rich K. - melanoma has not spread

Daniel (employee of Tony D.) - doing well after accident

Erland B. - is home and doing quite well

Chuck - had lung transplant and is home

Sylvia - no cancer after radiation treatment, language and emotions are back

Sharon (Betty B. sister) - colon cancer gone

Additional Prayer Request Lists