New Prayer Requests

Kathy H. (Laurence) - grieving her death

Rodney G. family - grieving his death

Ardelle N. family - grieving her death

Andrew, age 7 (Lynn S. God son) - is now brain dead, organs will be donated

Lori K. - recovering from eye removal surgery June 24

Erland B. - check-up for fluid in lungs, broke shoulder

Continuing Prayer Requests

Friend of Art and Bev C. - has brain cancer

Brian H. - health issue

Mary W. (Gordon K. sister) - in hospice care

Willard Franz - in  St. James Good Samaritan, awaiting Assisted Living


Answered Prayer Requests
  • Betty B. - sister had good six month check-up
  • Esther B. - recovering well after back surgery
  • Buzz H. - is back home
Additional Prayer Request Lists