New Prayer Requests
  • Steve S - recovering from cancer surgery
  • Lori Kr. - recovering from flu
  • Paton B - recovering from wisdom teeth surgery
  • Esther B. - treatments for bone health
  • Swan Lake Christian Camp (and directors) - loss of income due to COVID-19
  • Our High School seniors (Bryce, Christina, Emilee, Paton, Sam) - disruption of plans
  • Bev C. - recovering at home from flu and AFIB
  • Jean P. - recovering from a fall
  • Those of us in isolation, living by themselves
  • Paul H. - recovering from multiple heart bypass surgery
  • Jean Q. - diagnosed with a rare cancer, undergoing chemo
Continuing Prayer Requests
  • Katherine H. - returned from Papua, New Guinea - pray for newly saved there
  • Florence D. - undergoing radiation treatment for cancer
  • Family of Lester R. - his memorial service was March 9
  • Richard D. (Lynn S. uncle) - having surgeries for Parkinson’s
  • Family of Lori L. - her death from cancer
  • Jim B. - Recently in Chicago for more cancer treatment
Answered Prayer Requests
  • Betty B. - eye condition improving
Additional Prayer Request Lists