Sunday Morning

Church building use - revised May 17, 2021

 What stays the same:

Kitchen use as a congregation will still be curtailed for large meals eaten together inside.

Weekdays the double glass doors and the elevator door will be unlocked. Please continue to sign in on the sign in sheet indicating what rooms you used. 

Continue to wash your hands with sanitizer upon entering the building.

Sunday: the service will begin at 9:15 and Sunday School at 10:00 am, ending about 10:45 am. 

We will continue to observe distancing by sitting only where there is green tape.


Masks need not be worn in the Sanctuary as long as we are social distancing and facing forward during singing.  

Masks will continue to be available upon entering the church by the mailboxes, and if you feel more comfortable with one, you may certainly still wear one.  No one will give you a hard time if you have used your discretion and feel this is safer for you or for those you love.

We continue to encourage everyone that is eligible to get vaccinated, in order to show our care for each other, for those who have stressed immune systems and are vulnerable or are simply too young to be vaccinated. “They’ll know we are Christians by our love…” 

We ask that if you have been exposed and or have symptoms that you even wonder about, stay home and use the Zoom option to join the service.   

All the doors, including the wooden doors on the south and northeast step door will be open on Sunday mornings.

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